Arts-BureauVoting for Art: An Artist in the Running

Elizabeth Kramer
July 2, 2013

With the rise of the internet and social media, artists can be hooked up with more contests that allows the public to vote on their work in various competitions. Democracy at work in the arts. Maybe.

The latest involves local textile artist Pamela Mattei who is running a close second to getting an image of her multicolored fabrics on the cover of The Crafts Report, a 38-year-old monthly business magazine for crafts professionals. I could tell from the press releases the artist sent me and a phone call today, Mattei really wants her hand dyed silk scarves to appear on the magazine’s October issue. She’s now getting a bit anxious with the voting scheduled to end at 9 a.m., July 4. (Voting consists of clicking on “like” where a photo of Mattei’s work appears on the magazine’s Facebook page.)

So far, the artist has rounded up many local voters from arts community. There’s local sculptors Dennis Shaffner and Jacque Carter Parsley, glass artists Ann Klem and Joy Lait, and jewelry maker Deb Chenault. The list also includes theater people, Bunbury Theatre’s Juergen Tossmann and playwright Diana Grisanti. On Facebook, Kentucky Arts Council’s Ed Lawrence and Courier-Journal conservative columnist Bradford Cummings wrote words of support.

Now, I guess, it’s up for others to decide.

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