31 Days of Thanks: Day 28

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By now you surely know that in addition to my art, I also love working backstage behind the scenes in the theater. When people ask me about my varied art and theater careers and which I enjoy more I often explain that while I have been an artist for much longer than I have been working backstage in the theater, I am truly passionate about the theater. Thankfully my art has allowed me the opportunity and flexibility to be able to pursue my theater work. However, during this contest I discovered something. As I...

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31 Days of Thanks: Day 7

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I met her nearly a decade ago. She was a fellow conference attendee who happened to be a college theater professor half way across the United States. I was a recent college graduate still trying to find my way and break through the industry. We somehow got to talking and she took the time to review my resume and offer me some advice. While I have only seen her once since then at another conference a few years ago, the advice she gave me upon our first meeting still resonates in my mind on a daily basis. “If you...

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