To everyone at The James House B & B… A.K.A. the Round One headquarters for my cover contest campaign. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

I began the day thinking I would send out an email, post a few Facebook messages throughout the day, and go about my little get away enjoying my vacation. It quickly morphed into a campaign that would rival that of any highly publicized political race. Glued to my computer, spreading the word, posting hourly and sometimes half hourly Facebook posts and appealing to any group or affiliation I could think to appeal to. By the end of the night I had received a warning from Facebook saying it believed I was using Facebook for methods other than which it was intended. I called it quits for the night knowing I had done about all I could do, got about three hours sleep before the excitement and anticipation kicked in again, and campaigned for a few more hours before the voting ended.

Thanks again James family for the yummy meals, the relaxing get away (when I wasn’t a nervous wreck trying to campaign), and of course your votes!