No One Plays With A Full Deck
Covered with playing cards, this head is missing a card. Which one? You will have to look to find out.

A full deck of fifty-two cards contains four suits of cards and thirteen cards per suit. On this head, however, one of those cards is missing. A healthy lifestyle is greatly impacted by our own behavior and emotions. Just like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no ones psychological makeup is identical to anyone else’s. Perhaps plagued by illness, stress, depression, handicap or other physical or mental limitation, our actions and reactions help mold our uniqueness. Yet through all sorts of adversity we have the power to overcome any psychological issue or limitation if we recognize and admit what that setback is and strive to manage and overcome it.

This work of art is unique in that it encourages viewer participation to interact and discover which of the possible fifty-two cards is missing. The missing card is a metaphor of our uniqueness. It symbolized what makes each of us different from everyone else in the world. If you look hard you will unravel the mystery. Can you guess what card it is? What makes you unique?

No One Plays With A Full Deck currently resides in the collection of the University of Kentucky Psychology Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky